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PAFO - the Exclusive distributor of Rubicone Ingredients in over Vietnam




26LK14 Mau Luong, Hanoi, Vietnam
(+84)24 3906 8888
(+84)24 6689 1111
(+84)24 2321 1111
(+84)931 811 888
(+84)932 819 888
(+84)986 883 888
(+84)915 883 888


26LK14 Mau Luong, Hadong, Hanoi, Vietnam

VAT: 0106 846 346

Tel: (+84)24 232 11111 - 3906 8888
Mob: (+84)916 819 888 - 986 883 888



Vietcombank, Hanoi Western, No: 069 1000 811 888
Holder: PAFO CO., LTD

PAFO, established in 2015, like the importing company of gelato ingredients and equipment, located in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Gelato, Yogurt and Soft ice cream ingredients being sold in PAFO have been imported from Italia. All products that we always focus on importing and selling high quality products with Rubicone into Vietnam now.

Most of Gelato and coffee products are being imported and sold for gelato shops, restaurants, bars, bakery and cafe in Vietnam with bases, Pastes, Topping, source..

Started from an import and brand representative, supplying gelato equpment and Italian ice cream ingredients and leading Italian gelato equipment in Vietnam. Many years ups and downs, developing Italian Gelato, Italian Foods with delicious, nutritious style. It is a combination of passion for clean ice cream and coffee, constantly thinking about how to create the purest, most outstanding and most delicious tea products for the community.

With the big showroom where the lasted high quality products on display, All Customers are able to see the actual products that they are buying. PAFO have got a strong Technical Service Support Team consisting of about 10 skillful technicians for gelato and café equipment…

PAFO with an excellent space for Gelato with ice-cream machines and showcases & Gelato Ingredients, to train customers how to make ice-cream, or to test and taste our products in the Italian restaurant naming Roma Dela. Here is also a large, well-equipped training room for Barista, Bartender and a great place to create new drinks, make demo to our customers, displays different coffee machines, coffee grinders, quality coffee beans and syrups or gelato ingredients.

New Products
TOPPING PISTACHIO Blackberry Base Premium 50 Base Cesar 100 Tiramisu Raspberry Soft Chocolate Passionfruit
Best Products
Integra Fibre Setina Lactrocream
Base Premium 50 Base Cesar 100 Base Neutro 5 Au
Topping Mango Topping Strawberry TOPPING KIWI
Soft serve
Soft Durian Soft Green Tea Soft Pan white Vanilla